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Like Ruby’s Hoe, pyhoe aims to help developers by providing a basic project skeleton. Projects created with pyhoe’s default settings include the following:

  • A basic directory structure with templates for README, LICENSE,, .gitignore, and other ubiquitous project files.
  • A virtualenv for the new project.
  • Automated tests using Nosy, which is built upon nose. Mac OSX users will find a nose plugin called Sneazr to display Growl notifications on tests results.
  • Tox, for testing across multiple Python environments.


To create a new project directory with the default skeleton, install pyhoe and run the sow command.

$ pip install pyhoe
$ pyhoe sow my_new_project

See commands for details on all commands available).

Report a Bug

Feel free to open an issue on Github if you notice something wrong with the program or this documentation, or if you think of a feature for pyhoe you think might be worth adding. I’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Contributions to the project are also very welcome! Fork me!

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